söndag 4 juni 2017

Handling Fits files in batches - FITSFileManager in PixInsight

Lately I have processed a number of images taken with the Liverpool Telescope on La Palma. The images in their archives are FIT files that have a large header with all the information you'd ever want on the image. When downloaded, the iamges need to be extracted (from tar or tgz formats) and sorted. When I started out with this I would download the images from each filter separately, in order to keep the colour channels apart, but this gets tiresome. Lately I have started to use a script in PixInsight that does the work for me. Here's how I do it.
I download all the images at once and put them in one folder on my computer. Then I extract the images from the compressed tar-files. Next I start the FITSFileManager script in PixInsight (Scripts -> Utilities). I rename the image files, using the FILTER keyword as a prefix to the filename. The file name template is: '&FILTER1;_&filename;'. I move the files to the same directory as where they were stored, so that the new file name replaces the old file name. This way, my files are easily sorted and identified.

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