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Creating a customized "Batch Process" in PixInsight

Some processes in PixInsight are adapted for large batches of images. But sometimes you want to do a sequence of process steps, for which there is no batch process, on several images. Opening each image and applying a number of processes is quite tedious.
Fortunately, PixInsight has a solution for this. It involves an image container and a process container.
For any process in PI, if you drag the small triangle in the lower left corner to an image, it will apply that process to the image. This can also be applied to a collection of images, if these are in an image container. And the process doesn't have to be a single process, it can be any number of processes that are in a process container. How is this done?

Prepare the process container.

Open an image and apply the processes you want to batch to that and other images.
Now open the image's history explorer, which should be located on the left edge of the workspace. Drag the small triangle at the bottom left to an open area in the workspace. This will create an instance of the process history of that image as a process container in the workspace.
Now you can close the image without saving.

Create an image container

 Next create an image container by right clicking anywhere in the workspace, or press Ctrl+Alt+I.
This will create an image container in the workspace. Open the container and add the image files you want to batch process. Also supply a name for the output directory where you want the processed images to be saved. Finish by dragging the small triangle to an empty spot in the workspace. This will create a new instance of your image container, with all the images in it.
Apply the processes in the process container by simply dragging the process container onto the image container that contains the images.
That's it. You've just applied several process to a batch of images.

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